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Trail to Eagle



The Eagle Scout Project

As stated in The Boy Scout Handbook: While a Life Scout, plan, develop, and give leadership in a service project helpful to your religious institution, school, or your community.  (The project should benefit an organization other than the BSA.)


It is not the size or the originality of the project, but the leadership you provide in planning, directing and successfully completing the project.




Eagle Project Resources


Grand Canyon Council                              Catalina Council


Las Vegas Council                                    Great Southwest Council





Eagle Scout Ceremonies


List of Prominent People to invite to your Ceremony

US Scouting Service Project—Eagle Court of Honor Ceremonies

Henning’s Scouter’s Pages—Eagle Scout Ceremonies



NESA Eagle Membership Application

Membership application to  the National Eagle Scout Association




Other Eagle Scout Internet Resources


The application for Eagle Scout scholarships has been revised.  Please follow this link for new applications.   www.nesa.org/applications.html


National Eagle Scout Association (NESA)


Eagle Scout.Org Information for Scouts on their journey towards Eagle







Eagle Scout Resources

Catalina Council

Eagle Scout Resources

Grand Canyon Council

Eagle Scout Resources

Great Southwest Council

Eagle Scout Resources

Las Vegas Area Council

Eagle Scout Resources