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2013 National Jamboree


18th National Jamboree
The Bechtel Summit, WV
July 15th July 24th, 2013

Jamboree Theme: Go Big . . . Get Wild!



National Jamboree

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This was the first National Jamboree held at the new Bechtel Scout Summit in West Virginia. With 30,037 youth and adults participation which breaks down to 2,782 Scouting adult leaders, 2,118 Venturing participants, 455 Venturing leaders and 24,682 Boy Scouts and Varsity Scout participants. 2013s attendance was the smallest since 1981, when 29,765 participants attended the first Jamboree at Fort AP Hill.

In addition to the above attendance, 6,224 Staff members attended and a total of 15,732 Visitor Day passes were purchased.

New to the 2013 Jamboree was the Messengers of Peace Day of Service where the Jamboree participants gave 148,800 hours of service to the surrounding communities.

Definitely Big and Wild!!




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