Our mission is to promote Scouting through the preservation and display of Scouting Memorabilia and the teaching of the history of Scouting in the United States.

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The Arizona Scouting Museum is a public supported 501(c)3 charity.  100% of all contributions go direct to the operating expenses of the Museum.  Contributions can be mailed to the Arizona Scouting Museum PO Box 72421 Phoenix, AZ  85050.  You can download a Museum brochure from our Home Page with additional information about contributions.




Many employers offer a matching funds program when employees donate to non-profit organizations like the Arizona Scouting Museum.  It is usually a simple process requiring a completed form be submitted to your employer.  The Museum will be happy to complete any necessary paperwork to secure these additional funds.




We have sent up an account with PayPal that will allow

you to donate to the Arizona Scouting Museum using

your PayPal Account or from various credit cards.



Scouting Memorabilia of all types is always welcomed by the Arizona Scouting Museum.  If you have something you would like to donate,  Please contact us by email at:




The Arizona Scouting Museum has many projects that can we can use your help.  We are always looking for articles for our Newsletter.  We have some computer scanning projects.











Your contributions to the Arizona Scouting Museum may qualify

for a tax deduction.  Please check with your tax advisor.








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